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Short Essay On Cow – Indian Essays

In India, it is easily heard that cow is our mother. Even, from the very early of life, this lesson is taught to us that we should respect the cow too as a mother. Cow is a very calm domestic animal. She has two eyes, two ears, four legs, two horns, one nose, a mouth and a long tail with a huge body. She gives us milk which is very tasty and useful. By using its milk we can make so many nutritious and healthy things as cheese, butter, yogurt etc. The baby of a cow is called as calf. It is very cute and useful too just like his/her mother. The male calf is called as bull in his age and helps farmers to plough their fields.

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There are so many types of cow in India according to the region. She differs in colour, size and physical strength. Universally, there are two types of cow breeds: Taurine and Zebu. Taurine breed of cow was developed in Europe and the second one in south Asia. There is also a third type of breed called as Taurine-Indious breed which is the mixture of Taurine and Zebu breeds. The development of both breeds has a great difference. Taurine cattle were developed in the Fertile Crescent region while Zebu type were domesticated.

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The cow gives us milk. We can make several things from cow’s milk. We prepare curd and cheese from the milk. Cow’s milk is very useful for the children and patients. The milk makes them strong and healthy.

The cows found almost in all country of the world. Wild cows live in the cow lives on grass. She also eats oil-cakes, rice bran, leaves and straw.

Cow gives us milk. It is full of nutrients, good fat and protein. Even, doctors suggest to their patients to drink cow milk because it is easily digestible. Cow milk is used to make several eatable items and dishes. Its milk can be changed in many forms such as curd, khoya, paneer, butter, whey, Gee, etc.

Bovine milk is a nutritionally rich product, designed to nourish the animal to adulthood and is an essential diet for human nutrition (Bus & Wosley 7558). Its yield and quality has benefitted much from understanding of nutritional requirements of dairy cows, better availability and development of feed inputs, supplements and breeding programs.

Where the milking intervals are uneven, the cows give less milk after the shorter interval, but this milk will have a higher fat content.

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