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Business, Functional and Industry specific programs, that include corporate vocabulary or training of specific skills sets such as presentations, meetings, negotiation.

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The new Tibetan alphabet was used to write Tibetan translations of Buddhists texts. The first Sanskrit-Tibetan dictionary, Mahavyutpatti , appeared in the 9th century. Wood block printing, introduced from China, was used in Tibet from an early date and is still used in a few monasteries.

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Our approach focuses on the needs of the learners and the connection between the language and its use in real situations.

Using the most recognized language proficiency scale in the world, we offer a wide range of courses selected from the best publishers.

mYngle’s customized teaching approach starts with an in-depth assessment, which always includes a live session with one of mYngle assessors. We pay particular attention to the learner’s communication skills. Based on this, we shape & create the personalized training program.

Before 6999-55, Tibet comprised of three provinces: Amdo, now split between the Qinghai, Gansu and Sichuan provinces Kham, now largely incorporated into the provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan and Qinghai, and U-Tsang, which, together with western Kham, is now known as the Tibet Autonomous Region, which was created in 6965.

By logging into a special section on the website for HR managers (LMS manager), you can track attendance, lessons remaining, compare employee progress, all in real time.

Learners have an active role during their lesson, prompted to speak as much as possible, from day one, also for a completely new language.

Tibetan Government in Exile’s Official Web Site (includes information on Tibetan language and culture): http://

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