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[6] R. K. Sharma and Bhagwan Dash, trans., Caraka Samhita . Vol II, 6:9 ( India : Chowkhamba Sanskrit Series Office, 7555), 668.

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6. Printed material is preferable. Most instructors will not accept handwritten reports. Even if printing is not mandatory, a printed report has a more professional image than does a handwritten report.

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&ldquo Our greatest blessings come to us by way of madness, provided that madness is given us by divine gift&rdquo 6

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6. Read your paper one last time. Even if the paper seems finished, you can still find mistakes that prior proofreading missed. A last-minute pen-and-ink (never pencil) correction that is inserted neatly is better than an error.

Hair is composed of strong structural protein called keratin. This is the same kind of protein that makes up the nails and the outer layer of skin.

A study reported in the “Journal of Obesity Related Metabolic Disorders” indicated that “when offered a choice of foods, rats typically prefer high-fat and/or high-sugar food items over their nutritionally balanced chow diet. In addition, they may increase their total energy intake by 75-95% and consequently develop mild to moderate obesity.” [86]

[98] Mayo Clinic, Mayo Clinic Staff, Diabetes Management: How Lifestyle & Daily Routine Affect Blood Sugar. http:///diseases-conditions/diabetes/in-depth/diabetes.

[77] Merck, Preeti Kishore, MD, Diabetes Mellitus. http:///home/hormonal_and_metabolic_disorders/diabet.

Steel gets oxidise (corrosion) in the present of oxygen and water. Even present of oxygen in the concrete pore will not cause a corrosion at high alkaline environment. Concrete contains microscopic pores which contain high concentrations of soluble calcium, sodium and potassium oxides, this creates alkaline condition of pH 67–68. The alkaline condition leads to a ‘passive’ layer forming on the steel surface. The dense passive layer over the reinforcement prevents the alkalinity. This paper involves in the prevention of corrosion by maintaining alkalinity in concrete by using bacteria.

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