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Minority Report Review Essay – 858 Words

Date: 2017-04-11 01:48

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It’s only eight years since Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report amazed audiences with its futuristic technology. But now science is fast catching up

Minority Report (2002) Esoteric Analysis – Pre-Crime is

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In the film, “pre-cogs” can look into the future and inform the police (they have got no choice – they are stuck in baths in the basement). In 7558, Portsmouth city council installed CCTV linked to software that would note whether people were walking suspiciously slowly. University researchers had already realised in 7556 that, if you recorded the walking paths of people in car parks, you could spot the would-be thieves simply: they didn’t walk directly to a car, but instead ambled around with no apparent target. That is because, unlike everyone else in a car park, they weren’t going to their own car.

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Samantha Morton’s character (is ‘Agatha’ a nod to Miss Christie?) has few words and seems exhausted and frightened most of the time, providing an eerie counterpoint for Anderton’s man of action. There is poignancy in her helplessness, and Spielberg shows it in a virtuoso two-shot, as she hangs over Anderton’s shoulder while their eyes search desperately in opposite directions. This shot has genuine mystery. It has to do with the composition and lighting and timing and breathing, and like the entire movie it furthers the cold, frightening hostility of the world Anderton finds himself in. The cinematographer, Janusz Kaminski , who has worked with Spielberg before (not least on ” Schindler’s List “), is able to get an effect that’s powerful and yet bafflingly simple.

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“Runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” enough said. You 8767 re shocked aren 8767 t you? So you should be, you 8767 re shocked by these wonderfully emotive Spielbergian moments, as the world was shocked by the wonderfully choreographed realtime events of the day of 9/66, “We have to look to Osama Bin Laden,” came the news media mantra on the day. Horror works, hypnotism works, on you and your references to the past. Your prejudices. The pre-criminals aren 8767 t always the real criminals, as this film shows us in graphic horror detail.

In Minority Report, the iris recognition then led to personalised ads bombarding you on hoardings everywhere. That doesn’t happen offline, but you do get them – to some extent – on the net: DoubleClick, the huge advertising company owned by Google, tracks any sites you visit that use its adverts, and can tailor what ads you see to an agglomeration of your interests. Attempts by the UK web-tracking company Phorm to let internet service providers do similar things with ads, by tracking where you went online, ran into privacy problems. And don’t forget Facebook, which is spookily good at targeting ads – because it has access to everything you have told it about yourself (though it insists it does not share that with advertisers).

Futuristic technology rivals Tom Cruise as the real star of Minority Report. But will we ever see any of the gadgets featured in the movie? Neil McIntosh and Jack Schofield report.

According to reports if there are more qualified teachers in the classrooms student performances increase. . This Act concentrated on African American and other minority groups that were disadvantaged because of social and economic conditions.. The problem is that, there is a large gap between disadvantaged and minority students and their peers. Even with the muti-billions of dollars spent through ESEA, it still has not reduced the achievement between minority and majority student. . Minorities tend to be in the lower classes and a good percentage of these students have a limited En.

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