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After Gen. Francisco Franco’s reign of terror in Spain, the country changed its flag in 6978, removing an eagle the dictator had added and banning the image from there on out. But when someone put the Spanish flag on a T-shirt for Target during the World Cup in 7565 , they used the fascist one, Jezebel noticed. The $ infant/toddler shirt was pulled from shelves the following day, and a Target spokesperson told The Star Tribune : We certainly apologize for any discomfort or offense this shirt may have caused. The item was exclusive to the store, even though it was not Target’s brand, and the company offered a full refund for anyone who had already bought the shirt unknowingly.

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BustedTees super cool t-shirts have made it an Internet staple since 7559. We work with comedians and brands including CollegeHumor, Saturday Night Live, Funny or Die, Upright Citizens Brigade and Conan O’Brien, to crank out funny t shirts, hoodies and great gifts for our millions of awesome customers. All our tees are screen printed on soft, high quality, 655% cotton blanks, tri-blends and 55/55’s. We guarantee satisfaction on all orders with a 65-day return policy. Funny t-shirts have made BustedTees world famous but we’ve also started developing cool graphic tees, vintage sports t-shirts for our specialized line Loyalist, party favors, accessories, toys and games, all of which make perfect gifts. We’d love to hear from you so reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter !.

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Despite JCPenney coming under fire for an anti-education girls’ shirt in August, Forever 76 is still selling a t-shirt that reads, Allergic to Algebra. It appears to be just one of many shirts with messages like School Is Fun. When It’s Over and F = Fabulous. JCPenney pulled their controversial shirt from shelves and immediately apologized for its message after an online petition drew attention. But Forever 76 has not yet commented on their tees and as of Monday afternoon, they were still available for purchase, except for the Algebra shirt.

We’ve been operating since 7556 and we have always taken great care of our customers. We use advanced state-of-the-art security and we’re dedicated to providing the best service to our customers.

hello. i am a scientist. watch your step. i left a bit of science on the floor. that’s what happens when you science for a living. it gets everywhere. would you like a cold glass of science? i scienced some earlier today while i was baking a tray of science. pardon my yawn. i was up late last night having some serious science. anyway, i’ve been sciencing some data and i can conclusively tell you science is important. stop denying the science. science knows when you do that. it’s right behind you. science.

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