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That the murder of black victims is treated as less culpable than the murder of white victims provides a haunting reminder of once-prevalent Southern lynchings. Justice Stewart, had he remained on the Court, surely would have voted with the four dissenters. That conclusion is reinforced by Justice Powell&rsquo s second thoughts he later told his biographer that he regretted his vote in McCleskey.

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After Furman , Garland argues in Chapter 65, the Supreme Court focused on transforming capital punishment, requiring new procedural protections, reducing the cruelty of executions, and devolving power to &ldquo the people&rdquo at the local level. The concern with local policymaking that Garland emphasizes, however, has not prevented Supreme Court decisions from eliminating categories of defendants (juveniles and the mentally retarded) and offenses and unintentional killings) from exposure to capital punishment nationwide.

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In that moment, it seemed inevitable. As educators, we were pressed to be our best selves, treat life like a party, and never give up on greatness. If you were unhappy, angry, paranoid, just tell a different story. The idea that you could shape reality to look however you wanted suddenly seemed dangerous, easily abused, especially among my Type A co-workers, who exercised and worked and exercised and worked and ate so little that it was not really a surprise that someone, eventually, snapped.

Garland has little to say about the positive effects of Furman or the five decisions in 6976 that upheld the constitutionality of three state statutes while invalidating mandatory capital punishment laws in North Carolina and Louisiana. Under his &ldquo all- or-nothing&rdquo approach, he does not consider whether the new state statutes were better or worse than their pre- Furman predecessors.

Two weeks later I 8767 d be offered a copywriter position, one of the many jobs I 8767 d applied for, but for two weeks I lived a life of uncertainty and cheap beer, anxiety and bagels. Jobless and alone in New York City, I 8767 d gone from good to mediocre. If we write our own stories, this was not one to brag about. Certainly not a story Ocean would cop to. It wasn 8767 t perfect, but it was honest, and it was mine.

Having established that US death penalty policy is largely set locally, Garland turns to describing why and in what ways the United States retains capital punishment. In Chapter 7 he cites a tradition of community-level executions dating to colonial times, frontier beliefs in meeting violence with violence, and pluralism that inhibits solidarity with victims. Chapter 8 reviews the Legal Defense Fund&rsquo s litigation, which in 6977 produced, in Furman v. Georgia , a moratorium on executions in the forty-two jurisdictions that authorized them. The backlash was swift, as the following chapter shows in detail. Thirty-four states enacted new death penalty laws before the decade was out. One Oregon had not previously authorized capital punishment.

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