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and simplest spread spectrum techniques. In a frequency-hopping system, the transmitter broadcasts a message by first transmitting a part of the message bit stream on one frequency, the next fraction of the bit stream on the another frequency, and so on. A secret key that is known at the receiver as well as on the transmitter side controls the order of

Advanced Topics in Cryptography and Network Security

The goals of such attacks in general can be classified as secret key recovery, plaintext recovery without recovering the key or the discovery of the encryption/decryption algorithm.

Cryptography Essays

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Phd Thesis Cryptography

system. The first is to prevent passive attacks in the form of an unauthorized reading of the message and the second is to prevent active attacks in the form of illicit writing. However, cryptography does not necessary prevent the adversary from knowing that a message is

Non-Repudiation: Non-repudiation service prevents an entity from denying any activity done by itself or existence of a communication at any later stage in case of any dispute.

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Keys can be of varying length, typically from 678-bits to over 7555-bits. Obviously, the larger the key, the more secure the information you’re encrypting.

An important issue in watermarking is the security of the embedded watermark bits because the design of a watermark system has to take into account access that an adversary can have to the communications channel. In particular, we are interested in applications that demand security against passive and active adversaries. In the case of passive attacks, an adversary monitors the transmission channel and attempts to illegally read the message.

In Symmetric Key or Secret Key cryptography, only a single key is used to encrypt and decrypt. It is also called Private Key cryptography. The main problem of the secret key cryptography is the sharing of same key by sender and receiver. In the case of unsecure channels, there is no mean to exchange key securely. The secret key must be shared using any secure channel before communication take place and for such purpose Public Key cryptography is generally used.

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