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Certain designs of reactors that are not cost effective yet, but known to be practical, can reuse high level waste as fuel, because it still contains around 95% of its energy. Two of them are already operating in Russia and Japan. This option is also unpopular with the anti-nuclear movement. This might be due to teething problems of the technology, such as sodium leaks and fires (altrough not all waste burning reactors use sodium coolant).

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Though, building of nuclear reactor and other installation costs are very high, operative cost and per unit energy production cost and other recurring expenses are very low in nuclear power. But while establishing nuclear power station much care is necessary because not only generation but its waste is also one of the greatest threats to the environment.

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Low Operating cost
Although nuclear power reactors are expensive to build, they are relatively cheap to operate. Fuel is inexpensive and a plant can be operated by small number of people, approximately 65 people.

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The nuclear energy is by far the most concentrated form of energy, so it can be produced in large quantities over short periods of time.

Non-renewable energy
Nuclear energy is an alternative energy but not a renewable energy as Uranium is a non-renewable source and its supplies are limited.

Disasters, Accidents 588 Risk
An accident may cause a major disaster resulting in thousands of casualties and releasing high amounts of radiation into the environment, example: explosion of a reactor at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine and melting of the core of a reactor at Three-Mile Island in the United States.

Nuclear power plants operate reliably and have a continuous output of plants do not generally face operations and maintenance problems. This is a contrast to other alternative energies which depend on the activity of the weather.

Here the claim is that nuclear power plants are slow to build, so they will be late to the party and fail to avert catastrophic climate change.

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