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Many employers prefer a candidate who can demonstrate reliability, self-motivation, drive and enthusiasm, etc., from having, for example, applied themselves for years in low-paid paper-rounds and weekend jobs, or who can show serious dedication to some other worthy activity, than applicants who have a career history but demonstrate none of the vital qualities that employers really value and seek in new recruits.

Curriculum Vitae format

(optional heading, bold or underlined – normally the job title and or reference if they’ve asked you to quote one)

Basic Curriculum Vitae example – NWU

In recent years a fashionable view has emerged suggesting that it is somehow wrong to put the abbreviation ‘CV’ or the words ‘Curriculum Vitae’ (or in American-English markets, the word ‘Resume’) at the top of a CV – typically after the person’s name, or alternatively before the name.

Curriculum vitae Synonyms, Curriculum vitae Antonyms

A curriculum vitae (CV) presents an overview of an individual’s studies and professional career as well as of his or her academic merits and other achievements. When appended to an application, it becomes a public document and the information presented in it must therefore be verifiable when necessary. This model CV for researchers aims to provide guidelines for drafting an appropriate CV from the perspective of research ethics in a way that presents an individual’s merits as comprehensively, truthfully and as comparably as possible.

If you are struggling with a difficult ‘negative’ issue in your CV, be bold and be proud of it. Be proud of what it has enabled you to become.

Here’s a very direct local job-hunting method and tool , which is adaptable for your own situation, and can help put your CV in front of local employers very quickly and effectively.

Employers recruiting for any type of job want to find people who are a ‘safe bet’ people who have a proven and impressive track record and/or with evidence of appropriate capabilities, style, attitude and potential. Employers don’t like taking risks. Interviewers and recruitment decision-makers want to get the best person for the vacancy, but they also want to protect their personal reputation by avoiding making recruitment mistakes, which means minimising risk.

A CV looks very impressive if it includes a few quantified and relevant achievements – evidence about you and your capabilities that relate to what the interviewer is seeking, and what the job role requires.

The excellent open source ‘office equivalent’ enables easy conversion from doc to pdf, although other methods exist.

Don’t wait to be asked – think about it, identify your achievements, shape them into impressive statements with scale and context, and put them into your CV.

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