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Indians are also the community that likes to eat spicy food. Coriander, cumin, turmeric and curry feature heavily in dishes along with rich ingredients such as yoghurt and chili. The best way to describe Indian dishes is elaborate, fragrant and hot. The cooking behavior of Indians has impact Malay and Chinese ethnic in their diet and dishes too. They start to learn to eat the spicy food and now, most of them are expert in eating spicy food such as mutton curry and tandoori chicken.

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Values refer to intangible qualities or beliefs accepted and endorsed by a given society. Values are distinct from attitudes, traits, norms, and needs. Values share the following characteristics and qualities:

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Despite its claims, many of the ingredients used are not being disclosed appropriately and are dubious with regards to origins. This is unlike industry norm wherein companies marketing the same products would in their packaging state the original sources of their ingredients.

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In the festival custom, the Chinese used to give ‘angpau’ to the children during Chinese New Year. ‘Angpau’ is a red envelope that contains money and this represents the blessings of the elders to the children. The Malay ethnic began to accept this custom and start to give ‘greenpau’ to the children during Hari Raya. To attract the Malay consumers, the suppliers will start produce the Hari Raya products with green envelopes as a gift. Therefore, if the Malay consumers want to get the green envelopes, they will buy the product. This is because the Malay consumers want to learn the Chinese customs.

The values of caring and nurturing are related with Indian consumers. These values of ambition and achievement are dominant by these values. Indian consumers prefer those products which can convey their feeling and emotions. Due to the psychology and economics, history and tradition is plays an important role in shaping the Indian consumer behavior becomes unique and special. Indians are more prefer traditional products than the modern products. For example, shampoos together with hair oils and toothpowder existing with toothpaste.

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Cultural influences and identities become important depending on context. When an aspect of cultural identity is threatened or misunderstood, it may become relatively more important than other cultural identities and this fixed, narrow identity may become the focus of stereotyping , negative projection, and conflict. This is a very common situation in intractable conflicts.

Examples can also be drawn from the other three dimensions identified by Hampden-Turner and Trompenaars. When an intractable conflict has been ongoing for years or even generations, should there be recourse to international standards and interveners, or local rules and practices? Those favoring a universalist starting point are more likely to prefer international intervention and the setting of international standards. Particularlists will be more comfortable with a tailor-made, home-grown approach than with the imposition of general rules that may or may not fit their needs and context.

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