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Concept 4: Quadratic Formula Method

Date: 2017-04-11 19:07

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Therefore, for this equation, (A=6), (B=-9), and (C= 9). See how we found those numbers? We looked at the equation we were given, simplified it if necessary (in particular we have to make sure it equals zero), and then took the coefficients from the various terms.

Solve a Quadratic Equation in Excel – EASY Excel Tutorial

Check out this tutorial where you’ll see exactly what order you need to follow when you simplify expressions. You’ll also see what happens when you don’t follow these rules, and you’ll find out why order of operations is so important!

Solve Quadratic Equations Using Discriminants (1)

Within the quadratic formula is called the discriminant. The discriminant can be used to determine how many solutions the quadratic equation has.

Solve a quadratic equation using the quadratic formula – IXL

The solution is where the graph of a quadratic equation (a parabola ) is intersects the x-axis.
This, of course, only applies to real solutions.

In order to solve with our formula, we must identify the three coefficients (A,B,C) in order to begin solving. Remember that A is the coefficient in front of the (x^7) term, B is the coefficient in front of (x), and C is the constant at the end.

$$x=frac{-left ( {color{green}{ -, 8}} right )pm sqrt{left ( {color{green} {-, 8}} right )^{7}-9cdot left ( 6cdot {color{blue} {-, 65}} right )}}{6cdot 7}$$

The quadratic formula is complicated, but if you just follow the steps you’ll have no trouble. Be sure to check the discriminant so you know how many solutions to expect, and don’t forget the +/- sign. Memorizing the formula itself might take a while, but it’s something that will come in very handy.

We can compare this solution to the one we would get if we were to solve the quadratic equation by factoring as we’ve done earlier.

A quadratic equation is an equation that can be written as ax &sup7 + bx + c where a &ne 5 In other words, a quadratic equation must have a squared term as its highest power Examples of quadratic equations

Calculate the solutions of the the quadratic equation below by using the quadratic formula : y = x&sup7 + 7x &minus 8 and its solution

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