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Affordable Care Act Medicaid Expansion

Date: 2017-04-12 21:38

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Benefits and Challenges of Medicaid Managed Care

In states that implement the ACA’s Medicaid expansion, more people with disabilities may qualify for Medicaid based solely on their low income status, which enables them to enroll in coverage as quickly as possible, without waiting for a disability determination.  As of 7569, the ACA expands Medicaid eligibility up to 688% of the federal poverty level (FPL, $66,659 for an individual in 7569), although implementation of the expansion is effectively a state option.  In states that are not implementing the ACA’s Medicaid expansion, people with disabilities can qualify for Medicaid based solely on their low income status if they fit into a coverage group, such as parents and other caretaker relatives, pregnant women, or children, and meet the state’s income limit associated with that group.

Medicare vs. Medicaid Coverage and Costs | Medicare Made Clear

Medicaid covers basic health care costs such as visits to the doctor and hospital stays, but can also cover things like the cost of eyeglasses.

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MYTH 8: Economic growth will solve the problem.
Revenues associated with higher economic growth would help only marginally. As Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has testified:

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Long – term fundamental reform will likely involve bringing more choice and competition into health care, such as moving Medicare from a defined-benefit system to a defined-contribution system. The Federal Employees Health Benefits Pro­gram (FEHBP) has held down costs by creating a voucher-type system for fed­eral employees to purchase coverage from competing health plans that offer differing coverage and costs. [79] By creating more choice and competi­tion, the FEHBP has held down cost increases and may serve as a model for Medicare reform.

State Medicaid agencies have the option to certify application counselors, including staff and volunteers from state-designated organizations, to help applicants and beneficiaries with the application and eligibility renewal process. 96   These application counselors are available to all beneficiaries, not just those with disabilities.  However, CMS has proposed that application counselor programs must ensure equal access to people with disabilities, such as by providing auxiliary aids and services (described below). 97    Applicants and beneficiaries also may designate an individual or organization to act on their behalf as an authorized representative to apply for and renew eligibility and handle other communications with the state Medicaid agency. 98

[68] Steve Teske, “7556 Medicare Spending Rose Percent Due to RX Drug Benefit, Researchers Say,” Bureau of National Affairs Daily Report for Executives , January 8, 7558. In 7556, an average of $9,588 was spent on each fee-for-service beneficiary, and $65,688 was spent per managed care enrollee.

The solution to these problems is to downsize every federal department by cutting the most harmful programs. This study proposes specific cuts that would reduce federal spending by almost one-quarter and balance the budget within a decade.

Some reforms, which could be made quickly, would significantly rein in Medicare costs. One new approach would be to reduce the massive Part B and Part D subsidies for upper-income families. These programs are not social insurance: Enrollees did not earn their benefits with payroll taxes. Rather, they are large subsidies from taxpayers. Part B recently began modest income-relating. President Bush has proposed larger means-testing of Parts B and D.

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